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Busur Jati Tunggal

Busur Jati Tunggal

The most advanced simplicity, engineered by Arrouha™ team to fits any shooter especially for first timers and daily training session. Highly demand of easy handling, durability and modern styling which makes Jati Tunggal one of the most bow in the community.


  • Poundage : 28lbs
  • Draw Length: 28 inch
  • Bow Length: 49 inch
  • Bow Material: High Strength Fibreglass
  • Handle Grip Material: Leather
  • Shooting Range: 110 meter


  • MYR199
  • USD45
  • Rp650.000

Whatsapp +60192781829



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  • Arrouha Sports & Outdoor

  • Busur Jati Tunggal


Arrouha Sports and Outdoors 

No 22, Jalan Mutiara 4/2, Tmn Sri Nanding, 43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor













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