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Busur Anak Awan

Busur Anak Awan

The bow is versatile piece of equipment that is perfectly suited to both sexes and ambitious archers of all ages which are engineered by Arrouha™ team. This is one of top value bows in market which are reasonably pricing for time intensive handcrafted items.


  • Poundage : 35lbs-45lbs
  • Draw Length: 28 inch
  • Bow Length: 48 inch
  • Bow Material: High Strength Fibreglass
  • Handle Grip Material: Leather
  • Shooting Range: 170 meter


  • MYR370
  • USD90
  • Rp1,200,000

Whatsapp +60192781829


Anak Awan Poster_zpsrcmqqcyv.JPG



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