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Package Anak Awan RM595!!

Package Anak Awan RM595!! Special HandMade by Arrouha Group Malaysia. This product has been engineered for ARCHER and remaining very reliable EASY HANDLING and COMFORTABLE while shooting. Specifications; High Quality Fiberglass Bow Dacron Bowstring Bow Length 46″ Draw Weight 40lbs Draw Length 28″ Resak Wood Siyah Leather wrapped handle Assorted wrapped limb   Lizard Skin… Continue reading Package Anak Awan RM595!!

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Busur Anak Awan

Busur Anak Awan The bow is versatile piece of equipment that is perfectly suited to both sexes and ambitious archers of all ages which are engineered by Arrouha™ team. This is one of top value bows in market which are reasonably pricing for time intensive handcrafted items. SPECIFICATIONS Poundage : 35lbs-45lbs Draw Length: 28 inch Bow… Continue reading Busur Anak Awan