The revolutionary laminated limb is specifically engineered to reduce weight and permit flexibility. It is vital to ensure optimal balance and reinforced stability of the designed structure while durability and efficiency are maximised over conventional limbs. This invention allows fast and efficient draw cycles especially for the robust archers.


  • Poundage       : 35 – 45lbs
  • Draw Length : 28 Inches
  • Bow Length   :48 Inches
  • BowMaterial : Bamboo, Walnut Wood, Maple Wood, High Strength Fiberglass
  • Handle grip    : Leather


Turkish Laminated Bow X-One by Arrouha 

The bellies are high strength fiberglass. The bamboo are prepared in good engineered with combination of the both sided fiberglass with high strength epoxy. This sandwich system has been made to provide uniform bonding of adhesive. The maple wood are attached as kassan / tip.

Joint part of the kassan, kabza to sal are wrapped together with nylon thread. Then kabza are attached with soft material for archer comforts.Then the bellies are wrapped with black leather leather. The wrapping at arrow zone are using soft goat leather with lustre applied as protective element.

Dried sinew are kassan tip are applied for strengthen to nock during release to prevent crack in shear failure of wood grain.It prepared traditionally for as ancient method of application. Yes seem to be easy but need more skill to get in workable.

Like the ancient bows, these modern-ancient ones are made without arrow rests. So will be used right- or left- handed. Most folk use a leather glove to protect were the arrow passes over the side of the bow hand. Yeah definitely you may use either Thumb or Mediterranean draw.

By smooth draw your release is easy and the energy goes into the arrow. Well say no stack at even 28″ draw length.

Finally this bow has been made with inner heart of passion!

By : MZD Arrouha

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