Korean Gungdae Bow Sleeve Quiver

Three (3) In One (1) – Bow Sleeve, Arrow Quiver and Belt!!

Korean Gungdae(궁대) is used as a cloth for holding the bow, and in case of an emergency, it is used as an quiver at range.

his handy accessory acts as a bow sock for protecting your bow during transportation.

Once you’re on the range tie it around your waist like a sash. Your arrows can then be twisted into the belt, points in and nocks out. This keeps your arrows handy while you’re shooting.

Very stylish and attractive colourful with polyester quality cloth materials. The handy 4½” x 8” pouch at the bottom of the belt/sock can be used for carrying bow strings, field points, string wax, wallet, lovely phone and other gear.

Measures approximately 93” long.




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